Reach for the ball… reach for the stars!

Big Bo
Big Bo
    Basic Information






    Professional Information


Key move

The spider one-hand dive

    Chronological Information
Voiced by

Corny Rempel

    Featured video
Supa Strikas - Big Bo's super save00:14

Supa Strikas - Big Bo's super save

Big Bo is Supa Strikas’s trusty goalkeeper and is almost big enough to fill the entire goal mouth. He looks intimidating to strikers from the opposing team, but in reality is a family man with a heart of gold who wouldn’t hurt a fly even though he can catch one easily just using his hand. His aming goalkeeping skills ensured that Supa Strikas win the Super League trophy. Although not the best goalkeeper in the world, his consistent performance makes him one of the more competent goalkeepers in the Super League. Big Bo's endurance and strength ensures that he is always prepared to play at the highest form.

Big Bo's Principles

He plays using these four principles

  1. Inspect
  2. Predict the ball direction
  3. Mark the Centre Forward
  4. Unbreakable Spirit

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