The Super League has many teams, here are some of them:

Supa Strikas: The main team which represents South Africa although the team's player roster line-up is becoming more and more international. They are currently called the "Best Team in the World". Their lead striker is Shakes and their coach is Coach (who was once a member of Supa Strikas under No. 11 jersey).

Invincible United: The main antagonist team which also represents South Africa. They are the meanest, most dishonest & aggressive team in the Super League. Their coach is Vince, who was once a rival of Shakes' father.

Iron Tank FC: The team representing Germany. They are composed of Former Bundeswehr Operatives. Their homeground is located in the high mountains. They are known for tall, aggressive and loyal players. Their coach is Admiral von Pushup.

Club Palmantieri: The team representing Brazil. They are known for the former soccer player Edwin. There type of play is titled "The Palmantieri Way". This focuses on Speed, Agility and Balance. Their coach is Edwin (the great soccer player whom Don Aldo hated)

FC Barka: The team representing Spain. The team is based in Barcelona. Their lead striker is Riano. This team is surprisingly similar to football club Barcelona of real-life.

FC Nakama: The team representing Japan. They play with such discipline. Twisting Tiger formerly played with this team. Their coach is Ura Giri.

FC Technicali: The team representing the United States of America. This team mostly uses technology in everything (hence their name Technicali). Their coach is Toni Vern.

The Azul: The team representing Mexico. They are known for the largest and the best goalkeeper in the Super League, De Lo Santos who came from Qetzlqazl. Their coach is Honcho Gomez.

Sa Ming United: The team representing China. Only appeared in Wolf in Coach's Clothing and in the start of one episode. They rarely appear in the series.Their striker is Sa Ma Wee.(Name mentioned in the episode 'Communication Blok'.)

Sultan: The team representing the United Arab Emirates. This team is considered as one of the richest teams. Their lead strikers are the triplets called the Amal-3 but they got fired in the episode Amal 3's a Crowd. They only appeared in Amal 3's a Crowd and Dribbler On The Roof. Their coach is Sheikh Ali Zaman.

FC Colossus: The team representing Greece. The players in this team are rough and tough as having large size (only standing at 2nd place after Iron Tank) (one of the players tackled Miko Chen and Twisting Tiger, causing them to be both hurt). Their coach is Nick Kickalopolous.

FC Orion: The team representing France. Their lead striker is Andrec Meda. The team's specialty is airborne play. Their coach is crazy about space observation and exploration. Their coach is Professor Black.

FC Hydra: The Team which also represents France. Their stadium is floating in the middle of the sea. Their coach is Coach Del Aqua. They cheated on the episode Tough Luck by tilting their home stadium.

FC Cosmos: The team which also represents the United States of America. Their coach is a cowboy/a hobo. Their lead players are Ninja and Bolo.

Grim FC: The team representing Romania. Hencing their name, every members have scary style (from appearance to playstyle). Their coach Coach Belmont.Ich. Their legend is Awesome Dawson (who was accidentally injured by Big Bo before he (Big Bo) joined Supa Strikas). They only appeared in one episode which is 'Own Ghoul'.

FC All Star: An all-star team consisting of all the lead players from the teams that the Supa Strikas has faced so far. Their team captain is Skarra. This team only appeared in the final episode of the series, Bringing Down the House.

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