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Supa Strikas players ice skating00:11

Supa Strikas players ice skating

Let’s make like a ball… and bounce!

North Shaw

The backbone of Supa Strikas's defence, North Shaw is a surfer and the laidback man of the team.

Professional Background

North Shaw is a defender, and his jersey number is 8. He spends his weekends catching waves and chilling out at his beach shop, where he sells everything from shell necklaces to used guitars. What North lacks in size he makes up for in speed--always in the right place when it counts. His aerial skills are unmatched. He always has good communication with Blok and understands his tactics.

Appearance and Personality

He sports a blonde afro, a goatee and has tanned skin. He is of medium height and muscular build. 

He is a relaxed person who loves surfing and food, as long as it is organic or free-range. He can grow serious at times, but overall he's calm and easy-going.


He seems to underestimate Klaus's abilities, although Klaus really did look incompetent, even to the others.

They have a good relationship, and he can understand Blok as well as Shakes does.

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