Ura Giri
Ura Giri
    Basic Information






    Professional Information

in charge!

The coach of FC Nakama, Ura Giri cheated less than Vince, he is friend with FC Nakama's opponent FC Collousus, and doesn't share secrets to his team.

Cheating Acts

1. Lying about Twisting Tiger

- He told the Nakama players that Tiger betrayed them until Spenza and El Matador show them a note and showing that Ura Giri sent a tape of Tiger's moves to another FC.

2. Kidnapping Coach

- He had Coach Kidnapped to weaken Supa Strikas but Jack, a master of a game version of Supa Strikas assists them.

Emotion to Team Failure

Sometimes he slashes a column of bricks, Sometimes he pulls down his facial hair in anger,

And during "Beautiful Gaming" he runs from Coach affter kiddnapping him.

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