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Possibly South African

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The coach of the Invincible United, Vince is a cheater, and he is very emotional and very dishonest person, selfish. He is emotional when the teams loses or make some mistakes either and uses the same reaction everytime his plans fail.

Demolishion at 4PM ("Bringing down the house")

His last known act was the order to demolish Supa Strikas Community Center and rebuild it to a resort-like place.

Unfortunely he was very impatient in doing so, Spenza halted the workers at the site and Supa Strikas beat the All-Stars by 2-1.

Meanwhile, Skarra runs outside Strikaland to his sport car, breaking the deal and in anger:

Vince shouts saying "ARE YOU READY FOR REAL INJURY TIME!!??"

And he throws his red telephone at either the car or Skarra.

Coach Vins

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